About Feer Industries

We have a passion for helping brands that are helping the human race move forward. We have a commitment to an open, honest culture. And we never stop pushing for bold creative work. We’re a full-service agency and that means we do it all, from concept to production. But we run the operation lean and mean, putting together a unique Feer Industries collective of the best advertising minds to solve your specific business problem. That kind of scalability gives you all the advantages of the large agencies out there, but none of the drawbacks.

We don’t have the overheads, the red tape, and the middlemen. We’re nimble, available, and get to know our clients on a much more personal level. In short, you pay less, you get more. That’s the Feer Industries advantage.

About Leadership: Pat Feehery

Originally a Philadelphia construction worker he made up his mind to change career paths. But the ideals of blue-collar work stay with him. It was the passion for a job and hard-work mentality that have always got him through not only my careers, but also life.

Most recently he was CCO of Amélie Company where he led the agency to 2017 AdAge's Small Agency of the year. Here he was fortunate to work on brands and causes he believed in, that passion for brands created some amazing work. Check out the article here Small Agency of the Year

He has had the great fortune to work on some of the largest brands in the world such as Microsoft, Burger King, and Coca-Cola. But also some of the smallest brands, always making sure the creative solution always met the needs of the clients. Seeing everything through from concept to presentation, from presentation to production. Every part of the processes is as important as the next.