• #GivingTuesday


    It turns out today is #GivingTuesday, a movement to create a national day of giving to kick off the giving season added to the calendar on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So I thought it would be apropos to end Freelancing the Flood today.

    It's official several potential mortgage payments are going to help those affected by the floods in CO. I rounded my donation up to $14,000.00 and after doing extensive research I went with Foothills United Way. They informed me that %100 of the money will go to help CO individuals in need, because corporate sponsors are supporting the overhead to help run their organization.

    I want to thank Douglas Yeiser (seen here) and Heather Spencer of Foothills United Way for taking the time to explain exactly where Freelancing the Floods funds would go. 

    Thanks to all my partners that kept me busy this past year, allowing me to do this: The Martin Agency, Razorfish, Digitas, Victors & Spoils, Grenadier, ViTRO Agency, Barnhart Communications.

    But I really want to thank my girlfriend Stacy for supporting me every step of the way. She didn't even freak when I told her the amount.

    I appreciate you all following me and sending me love and support. Have a great holiday season. 


  • Week3 Numbers.

    Week3 Numbers.

    Well here are Week 3 and final numbers, $13,975.00. The past 3 weeks I've been having a blast working with Adam Nelson and Ricky Lambert at Barnhart Communications in Denver, if you don't know them you soon will.

    Again I'd want to thank all of my partners and those who reached out to ask my availability. Now it's back to paying my mortgage. Once the checks roll in I'll update everyone with where all the money goes. Hopefully in time for Thanksgiving. 

    Have a great weekend. I got to get back to work.

  • Week2 Numbers

    Week2 Numbers

    Ok, officially the end of week 3 but I'm just releasing week 2 numbers. Sorry, I've been busy. Numbers are still rising— not as good as week one— but not bad. I worked with some amazing people at some great places. Last week I was on the road with Greg Cotten again and we were in sunny San Diego working at Vitro Agency.

    This week I decided to stay close to home and work at a great little shop call Barnhart Communications. They are saying goodbye to their creative leader today, Cameron Day. If you don't know him you should meet him and his literally larger than life personality. He's going back to Austin and will be freelancing and pursuing his other passions, cars. Check out his work.

    Anyway, I'll be freelancing and taking over for him for a while, so hit me up in Denver as I go back to paying for my mortgage next week.

    Lastly, I had a lot of fun doing this. It really was a selfish decision looking back on it, I've renewed my love of advertising and I feel pretty good. I always said I was too busy to help out, but I tried to turn busy into giving back. You don't have give up 3 weeks pay, but I encourage you to find a way of giving back that fits into your life. Ok, you may think that's a bunch of bullshit but whatever, I said it. I'll continue to update my numbers as they come in but thanks for letting me interrupt your lives for a brief second.

  • Week1 Numbers

    Week1 Numbers

    Hello from San Diego or as Ron Burgundy would call it... uh never mind  It's been a week and a half already. Lots of late nights and weekends, working with great people on amazing projects. Week one numbers are in, and so far so good. Thanks to all those who are supporting me and the cause. I still have a week and half left. Next week looks open as of now, so hit me up if your looking for some help, and to help a great cause. 

    Have a great night, from a whale's vagina.

  • Working with V&S

    When Victors and Spoils gave me a call I told them I could only work nights, "Cool, so you can still do it?" Of course I can. It's one of those agencies that if you have an hour you'll want to work with them. The work is fun and the people are great. Look out for ACD team Ari Levi and Marco Merced. They're coming up with a lot of fun, smart stuff, and thanks to all of V&S for supporting #FreelancingTheFlood. 

  • Writer Greg Cotten Joins Me On Day 2

    Writer Greg Cotten Joins Me On Day 2

    Day 2. Writer Greg Cotten and I team up on a freelance gig. Greg is one of Denver's best freelance writers and takes one helluva selfie as you can see above. You should check out his work if you have a second and if you ever need a writer hit him up, he just had a baby and probably could use some diaper money. Greg's work here.

  • Heather Knierim & Friends Kicking Flood Damage Ass.

    Heather Knierim & Friends Kicking Flood Damage Ass.

    Heather Knierim has been out helping clean up Boulder County from the start, truly one of the inspiration behind Freelancing the Flood. Not only is Heather and Friends literally doing the dirty work, but they also started salvaging and restoring photographs found in the flood zone. People are pretty amazing. Check out this great story from the Daily Camera.

  • Flood Damage

    Flood Damage

    The floods have taken out huge portions of James Canyon Drive east and west of Jamestown, CO on September 15, 2013. (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/ The Denver Post) More Photos here

    I know many people have seen some of the damage. But I thought I'd post some of the destruction here. Some towns are unlivable, homes are destroyed there is no running water, in some areas no electricity or sewage,. But there are signs of hope in these comunities...

    "With electricity restored to parts of town, more than 20 businesses in Lyons have reopened this week despite the lack of water, sewerage and displaced residents, according to emails from the Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce." (By Whitney Bryen Longmont Times-Call)  Full story here.

  • Freelancing the Flood

    Thanks for following me and supporting me along the way. I have gotten an outpouring of support from a ton of folks and it's great to see. I'm lining up work as I type this message but please don't be afraid to contact me. I want to make this as successful as possible, so no job is too small. You need a comp of a used car salesman riding a camel in outer space? BOOM DONE. You want me to write a spot about a carniverous mermaid. I am your man. 

    But if you don't don't own an agency and can't hire me that's ok too. You can give to one of these noble agencies. helpcoloradonow.org